Modifying the DISCON file for the TCP\IP

Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum. I am working on my thesis and part of it required me to modify the DLL file in such as way that it can communicate with Simulink using TCP\IP model. I would like to know if anyone has done such thing before. If yes I would be happy if you guys can help me with it. The idea is to modify the controller parameter in Simulink instead of FAST.


Hello again,

It seems like I’m on my own on this one. By the way I have got a C DISCON file for bladed. My question now is can I post a piece of the file i’m trying to modify here on the forum???

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Dear Issopui,

Sorry I can’t help with the TCP/IP interface (as we already discussed by e-mail). You can upload source code, but you’ll probably need to rename your attachment to one of the accepted file types e.g. “.txt”.

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Hello Mr. Jason,

Thanks for the suggestion. You guys can have a look on my file. It’s still a work in progress trying to implement my socket server as a function to be called in the DISCON file.

DISCON.txt (4.34 KB)