Modal Mass Matrix. Tower

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After a brief research in the forum and in FAST User’s guide, I have one question.

Is possible to obtain the modal mass and modal stiffness matrices of the tower? I mean, I basically want the mass and stiffness matrices of the tower when the generalized coordinates are the tower modes. Can be obtained from FAST or BNodes?

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Dear Aitor,

As discussed in the following forum topic:, FAST v8 returns the linearized model in first-order form. So, while you can’t get the second-order mass and stiffness matrices (M and K), you can get the same terms normalized by the mass matrix i.e. [ M^-1 ]*[ M ] = I and [ M^-1 ]*K through the FAST v8 linearization analysis. This first-order form should also be amendable for controls design.

That said, a linearization analysis with FAST v7 can be used to obtain the mass and stiffness matrices.

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Thank you Jason.

As always you are very helpful.

If is not a problem, another question, where can I find more information about the procedures used by FAST to calculate tower deformations and how merges FAST the multibody model and the tower model?

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Dear Aitor,

Information on the FAST theory basis is available in the following forum topic:

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