Mailing articles


Someone suggested we mail posted entries to people so they do not have to check the forum to see if there are any new postings. Alas, that is not possible with this forum. Sorry!


Is there is anyway other way to get the feeds of the forum.


I know of no way that is within my power. A brief search of the web indicates that there are add-ons that can generate an RSS feed, but I have no control over that sort of thing.



You can subscribe to the RSS feed of our forums by modifying the links below:

In the URL of the forum you are browsing, you will see the forum number, which is the number after the “f=”, and the topic number, which comes after the “t=”. For instance, the forum you are currently viewing has this link:
which tells you that it is forum 13 and the topic is 20. To subscribe to a different forum, simply replace the forum number and topic number.

Dear Bonnie,
Thank you for this tip. I tried it and it is working.