LSS strain-gage angular speed surpasses its limits! Test13

Dear All,
Currently I’m modeling WP 1.5 MW (Test13) using my own generator model,
the problem is that while simulating with 7 m/s steady wind, I find it strange that LSSGagVxa (LSSGagVxs - LSSGagV) diverge and surpasse its limit of (20,5 rpm)!
any thoughts !?

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Researcher at SATIE, UCP, France.

Dear Hayder,

It doesn’t sound like your own generator model is properly regulating the generator speed. I can’t really comment without knowing anything about your own generator model.

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Dear Jason,
Thank you for the quick reply, but I managed to solve the problem by changing the method to start and to stop generator from to generator speed and generator power to a timed start/stop.
PS : my generator is a hybrid synchronous machine.
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