LMH64-5 Geometry

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I have been trying to find “LMH64-5 Geometry”,In “Aeroelastic Analysis of the LMH64-5 Blade Concept” by C. Lindenburg, reference number five is what I am seeking.

[5] ( Kooij, J. (LM Glasfiber Holland);
EXCEL file: ‘LMH64-5 geometry’ .
e-mail correspondence, November 12, 2001 )

I have emailed Jeroen Kooij and also I want to request if you have that geometry file, will you kindly share it with me?

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more information: I am trying to create “5MW_Baseline” blade in Numad then export it to Ansys and run some analysis, at the end compare outputs to FAST outputs.
This forum helped a lot with my research and I appreciate it, thank you.