Induction factor flag (IndModel) off, sim problems

Hi everyone,

For my thesis I need to do a comparison between two aerolastic codes, one of them is FAST, I am interested on comparing the aerodynamic part of each codes and something weird happens when I have the following Aerodyn configuration:

SI SysUnits
EQUIL InfModel
NONE IndModel
0.005 AToler

As you can see I’m interested on testing BEM method without Induction (a=0 and a’=0) this yields to a solution where the power output is greater than 5MW and the rotational speed goes further than 12.1rpm. My FAST input file has VSCONTROL = 1 and the wind input file is a steady wind field of Uwind = 11.4m/s constant

I hope you can put some light on this because when I simulate with induction it works as it supposed (5MW power output and 12.1rpm)

PD: as an extra question, does RotTorq depens only on the aerodynamic loads? As I understand Rotor Torque is the resulting torque of aerodynamic loads but I’m not sure on that and I hope you can help me

Dear Oriol,

I’m not really sure I understand your question. Is the result that the power is greater than 5 MW and the rotor speed is greater than 12.1 rpm not what you were expecting? The VSContrl = 1 (simple variable-speed control) option employs constant torque above rated, so, power will increase beyond 5 MW when the rotor speed increases beyond rated. If you switch to using the DISCON.dll supplied with the NREL 5-MW models, the torque controller employs constant power above rated, so, the power should remain at 5 MW regardless of the rotor speed beyond rated.

RotTorq is the same as LSShftTq and is discussed at length here.

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Dear Jason,

First of all thank you for sharing that last post, was really helpful to understand the Rotor torque.

Regarding my first question, sorry if I didn’t express myself clear. I want to know why when I change between a model with induction flag ON, an a model with induction flag OFF (a=0 & a’=0), when the flag is OFF the power output and the rotor speed goes higher than 5MW and 12.1rpm respectively. In addition I was saying that I have set the VSControl to 1. What I expected with induction flag OFF is a constant rotor torque from the beginning.

Hope I express myself better this time :slight_smile:

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Dear Oriol,

The VSContrl = 1 (simple variable-speed control) option results in constant generator torque above rated speed, but the rotor torque may still vary depending on the applied aerodynamic loads and acceleration/deceleration of the rotor. A constant torque control strategy may also result in variations of power above rated.

What have you enabled for blade-pitch control? It is common for the blade-pitch controller to regulate rotor speed above rated.

Again, I’m not sure why you are using VSContrl = 1 for the NREL 5-MW turbine, which includes a combined pitch and torque controller supplied as a DISCON.dll. But not using the proper controller may result in unexpected behavior.

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Dear Jason,

Now I realised what you mean with the controller I didn’t understand that DISCON.dll was a compiled file already. So as I read your answer I went directly to try it. I downloaded a new version of FAST 7 from your repository: “FAST_v7.02.00d-bjj_AeroDyn_v13.00.02a-bjj_BladedDLLInterface.exe” as a WT i’m using the ONSHORE 5MW NREL wind turbine, while trying to run a simulation I obtained the following error message: “The DLL DISCON.dll could not be loaded”. I do not understand this I have my DISCON.dll file in the same folder as the .FST and the FAST executable. Do you know why is this happening? Using this controller will be a lot of help…


Found it, I was missing the DFORRT.dll. Now I have rated power control. Thanks a lot.