FAST Compiled with 'Check Array and String Bounds' flag on

Dear Sirs,
I’ve Just compiled FAST in Debug Configuration for looking how the code works. Without noticing I checked the option ‘Check Array and Strind Bounds’ and I got a running Error.
I’ve used the Test01 files. The Error is triggered when calling to MakeADM_WrlCArrays in line 3987. The line reads as:
CALL MakeADM_WrICArrays ( IDCntrl(:,K), IDCntrl_A(K) , BldNodes, UnAD, “IDCntrl_A”//TRIM(Int2LStr(K)) )
The problem is that IDCntrl(:,1) has 2 values, and BldNodes = 10.

When running without the ckeck bounds gives no error and everything seems to go Ok.

The question is: Is this the intended way of working? Is there anything wrong in the call in line 3987?

Thanks in advance, best regards from:

Diego Peinado.

Hi Diego,

There is a minor problem with the FAST 7.01.00a-bjj source code, which will produce an error when compiled with array bounds checking on. (Note that the original compiled version does not have this issue.) Please see this thread for help in resolving the issue:

Thank you very much for your advise.
Changing the allocation in the line 625 solves the problem.
Kind regards