Extreme events

Dear Jason,
Thank you for your help. Turns out that the turbine was simulated with a DLC 6.1.
I although have another question ; I am noticing that in the scenarios with the Normal Turbulence Model, the user cannot decide the Wind Turbine Class , and Turbsim sum file does not provide any evidence for this parameter whatsoever.
Why is that? Wouldn’t the tubine class had a significant role in our simulations?
Thanks a lot in advance.

Dear @Nikos.Christodoulaki,

The wind turbine class in IEC influences the specification of the turbulent extreme wind model (EWM). The wind turbine class (1,2,3 in TurbSim representing I,II,III in the IEC) is specified when the EWM model is selected via TurbSim input IEC_WindType, e.g., setting IEC_WindType = “2EWM50” will result in the 50-year EWM for wind turbine class II.

Best regards,