Extracting fluctuation velocity in IFW_FFWind.f90

Dear Dr. Jonkman

I am am using FAST8.10 and I am interested to have fluctuation part of velocity in each time and points as well as mean wind speed at that point. I want use this parameters in a subroutine in Aerosubs.f90.
I went through Module IFW_FFWind.f90 to find a way to extract it but no success for me up to now. for example in the following line (Aerosubs.f90 Ln:2872)

! Calculate the relative local wind velocity.
NodeVelRelGbl(:) = NodeWindVelGbl(:) - NodeVelGbl(:)

instead of NodeWindVelGbl(:slight_smile: which is global wind velocity at point, I want mean wind speed at that point and fluctuation part at that time step which sum of them would be equal to NodeWindVelGbl(:).
can you help me with which modules and routines I have to change and how?

Many Thanks