Elastodyn with acceleration data of the nacelle

Dear Dr. Jonkman,

i do research on a wind turbine regarding the residual term.
I‘ve detailed infomation about the geometry and masses.
There are acceleration sensors in the Nacelle meassuring in 3 axis.
There is no information about wind or airfoils.
Is there a way to use Elastodyn with the accellerations to get information about displacment and torsion of the tower?

Florian Speicher

Dear Florian,

I’m sorry, but I don’t really understand your question.

What do you mean be “residual term”?

Are you suggesting to import some measurement of acceleration into ElastoDyn and have ElastoDyn use that information to calculate tower deflection? If so, this is not really possible in the current code. If the rotations of the nacelle are small (i.e. the tilt and/or twist of the tower is small), then perhaps you could integrate the acceleration measurements twice to estimate deflection?

Best regards,

Dear Dr. Jonkman,

the wind turbines in Germany are designed and admitted for a operation time of 20 years.
To predict the remaining operation time there’ve been collected accelerations in the nacelle and elongation at the bottom of the Tower.

You’re right about the importation of the measurements and use of Elastodyn. That’s been the idea.
Thanks for your Reply.