Hi, everybody.
I have a question on double fed induction generator which uses in wind turbines: Are the double fed induction generator and the double fed induction motor the same thing? The difference between them is that they works in different status. Is it right?

Yes, to both questions.

Thank you, LeeJay!
It puzzled me for a long time. I am thinking about that the double fed induction motor who wants to control the stator’s current doesn’t need rotor winding while the DFIG who wants to control the rotor’s current needs windings for both stator and rotor(I still not sure). Or perhaps are there the differences between capacity or heat-resistance?

In a doubly-fed induction motor (a misnomer, since there’s no induction going on), the stator is usually connected to the grid, and the rotor currents are controlled with a power converter. Thus, regardless of the direction of motion or the direction of power flow, the rotor currents are directly controlled (by the power converter), and the stator currents are thus indirectly controlled.

Thanks ,very clealy.