Crunch error

I’m running the openFAST for a jacket’ structure in a 5MW turbine, I was able to run different dlc, but now i’m trying to run Chrunch to evaluate the .rcc files that I need to finish my master’s degree dissertation, but the error that apperars is attached below. Can anyone show me how I can fix this error?
If the attachment don’t work, appears like this:
"Running Crunch <v3.02.00c-mlb, 25-Jan-2013>.

Autodetecting the number of colums in the data file.

There was an error in the expression for calculated-channel #4. Your expression seems to be making an invalid data column reference.

The error occured at or near the “^” below:
Aborting Crunch."

Best regards,
Thamires Oliveira

Dear Thamires,

Do you have 82 (actually 84) columns of data in the time series you are providing?

Best regards,

Dear Mr. Jonkman,

The time series that I’m providing has only 71 columns. I don’t know why the software is reading this many files.

What can you suggest for me to do?

Best Regards,

Dear Thamires,

Your calculated channel refers to columns 82 and 84 (C82 and C84), so, Crunch will error out if you don’t have this many data channels.

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