Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to use a Bladed style controller, similar to that in appendix-C of the 5MW Reference Turbine design basis, and I have read through Bonnie’s document for implementing this, but I still need some help.

  1. Using “Compile_DISCON_DLL.bat”:

    • Is it simplest to just name my program DISCON.f90?
    • There is a comment at the top of the file to “copy the compiler’s script here:”. I think that means after one of the CALL-statements within the IF-logic below, and not simply on the next line. Is that right?
  2. Compiling “BladedDLLInterface.f90”:

    • Do I have to set any file names or paths here? Or, am I good to go as long as my .dll is called DISCON and is located in the working directory?

Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated.


Hi, Paul.

1a. The script for FAST v7 assumes the source file is called Discon.f90; it isn’t too difficult to change that, though.
1b. “here” refers to the section in the batch file. The instructions for compiling FAST describes how to “set compiler internal variables” (see the first page).

  1. It depends. If your DLL doesn’t need any different values set in FAST’s BladedDLLParameters MODULE, you can just put your DISCON.DLL file in the working directory and use FAST compiled for the Bladed Interface. Otherwise, you will have to set the appropriate values in BladedDLLInterface.f90 and recompile.

Hi Bonnie,

Thank you very much for the explanations. My newly compiled FAST seems to work.

I do have another, less urgent question though. Why are the pitch angle limits and the pitch rate set in both DISCON and in BladedDLLParameters?

Thanks a lot,

Dear Paul,

Near the top of the BladedDLLInterface.f90 source file that comes with FAST v7 is MODULE BladedDLLParameters(). This MODULE contains model-specific inputs available in the GH Bladed code, which are not available inputs in FAST v7 (although they are available in FAST v8). These values are sent as arguments to the DLL by GH Bladed and FAST if the DLL wishes to use them. The DLL does not need to use them.

Best regards,

Hi Jason,

Thank you for the explanation. Also, thank you for the informative seminar at EWEA Offshore. I will actually migrate to Version-8 this week, since it already has all the functionality that I need, plus tower drag. And, I guess I can use my specific DISCON without having to recomplie FAST. This is nice!

Best regards,