Aerodynamic Torque calculation


I need to know the magnitude of the aerodynamic torque. Please tell me how FAST or AeroDyn calculates this parameter. Can I have the aerodynamic torque magnitude as a FAST output data like other parameters (e.g. LSShftMxa,HSShftTq,…)? Or I have to calculate it myself? I have read the FAST manual but I couldn’t find my answer.
By the way I have read the useful post (Resistant moment of the rotor and of the electric generator), where you mentioned how LSShftTq and HSShftTq are obtained.

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Alireza Nik

Dear Alireza,

You cannot currently output the aerodynamic torque directly from FAST; instead, the reaction torque within the shaft can be output (LSShftTq=RotTorq), as explained in the forum topic you referred to:

Without changing the source code to output the aerodynamic torque directly, you could derive the aerodynamic from available FAST outputs in a couple ways:

  1. Add the rotor inertia term (due to acceleration/deceleration) to the reaction torque output. That is, solve the equation from the forum topic you referred to, LSShftTq = T_Aero – J_Rotor*Alpha, for T_Aero. If the rotor is flexible, this result will only be approximate, but may be accurate enough for your needs.

  2. Time-average the reaction torque output over time scales large enough to average-out the variations in rotor motion; this result should be the average aerodynamic torque.

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