AeroDyn v 13 ERROR in time integration

Hi Guys, maybe one of you in this forum can help me. Each time i start my Online integration in Simpack i get the Error:
ERROR in time integration:

     The local error test cannot be satisfied. Common reasons are:
     - An absolute tolerance is zero and the corresponding
       solution component ist zero, thus a pure relative
       error check is not possible.
       -> Please check tolerance settings.
     - A solution component is Not-a-Number (NaN) or infinity.
       -> Please check all user elements for valid (finite)
       forces and torques or contact your distributor if no
       user element is involved.

I build a Windpowerfarm with 5 blades. And used for the force AeroDyn v13

I hope someone of you can help me.

Dear Daniel,

I’m not familiar with this error message, so, I assume it is generated by SIMPACK rather than by AeroDyn. I would reach out to SIMIPACK technical support for help.

Best regards,