AeroDyn, GDW: number of harmonics and radial shape functions

In AeroDyn Theory manual is written (p.19) that the user must choose the values of number of harmonics and radial shape functions.
How can I do that?
And which are the default numbers?
Thank you.

Dear Tania,

The current AeroDyn Theory Manual (dated December, 2005) includes documentation of both existing and proposed models. The ability to choose the number of harmonic and radial shape functions in that manual is one of the proposed models.

In AeroDyn v13.00.00a-bjj, the number of harmonics is fixed at 3 and the highest power of the radial shape functions is fixed at 3, for a total of 10 states.

In our ongoing overhaul of AeroDyn, we will give the user the option to choose the number of shape functions.

Best regards,

Dear Jason,

Thank you for the fast answer and the information!

Regards, Tania