750kW Turbine and Drivetrain Model Questions

Dear Dr. Jonkman,

I recently read the paper " Modeling and Control to Mitigate Resonant Load in Variable-speed Wind Turbine Drivetrain", which you coauthored. In the paper, you used a GRC 750kW wind turbine. I can not find this turbine in the CerTest fold. Can you share this 750kW turbine model with us?

Furthermore, in the paper, you used Taero=J*acc+Topp to estimate the aerodynamic torque. Then what’s the RotTorq, as an output from FAST?


Zhichao Yu
Kansas State University

Dear Zichao,

While I coauthored that paper, I did not run the simulations and haven’t used the 750-kW model. I suggest you contact one of the other authors of that report regarding that.

For clarification of how the drivetrain model in FAST works and how output RotTorq is calculated, please see the following forum post: http://forums.nrel.gov/t/resistant-moment-of-the-rotor-and-of-the-electric-generator/408/1.

Best regards,